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We specialize in English Springer Spaniels that have remarkable hunting instincts. We breed dogs who make excellent competitors in the field, hunting companions and pets. Our kennel socializes the puppies. We take them on walks in field and expose them to activities that will enhance their hunting abilities. We breed responsibly and focus on improving the breed.

Sunrise Little Sister SH

FC Sweet Serenity Widespread  Panic MH

DOB - July 7, 2019


The puppies are excellent

Field Trial prospects and Hunting Dog

5 Males Liver & White

3 Females Liver & White


Dam:  Sunrise Little Sister SH

Carlie qualified for the Canadian National before she was 2 years old. She is a savvy bird finder and dynamic in the field.

Carlie's nose and speed create a vivacious hunt in the field with this beautiful Liver and White English Springer Spaniel.

Natural breeding to 

Sire:  FC Sweet Serenity Widespread Panic MH

A powerful field trailing male! Pan is a friendly and biddable English Springer Spaniel. He is great in the house and fun to have as a best friend.

Qualified for the National Open Championship 2018 and 2019

Pan's Sire is FC AFC Kantagree Master of Lighting - Zeus

Rose - female @ 1 week

Peter - boy @ 1 week old

Jerry - boy @ 1 week old

Helen - female @ 1 week

Rose - female @ 1 week

Peter - boy @ 1 week old

Charlie - female @ 1 week

Bobby - boy @ 1 week old

Jerry - boy @ 1 week old

Simba - boy @ 1 week old

Charmander - boy @ 1 week old