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Dog Training Services

Helping You 'Be The Best' in the Field

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Hunting Dog Training

A Good Dog Makes All The Difference

Basic training for your hunting dog is key toward long term success.  This training includes:

  • Listening & executing simple commands:

  • Come

  • Heel (walk beside you)

  • Hup (sit)

  • Quarter and work a field

  • Flush a bird

  • Chase the fall (find the bird after it is shot down)

  • Retrieve to handler on land and/or water

Basic training will cover all different types of hunts; from upland bird hunting to waterfowl hunting.  This training will also allow you and your dog to compete in a AKC Hunt Test at a junior or senior level.


Field Trial Competition Team

Take your dog to the next level

Competition training!  Your dog already has all the basic training skills, now comes the competition skills, which will qualify your dog to compete in a AKC Field Trial.

  • Be steady to wing and shot

  • Run and honor in a brace

  • Find blind retrieves

  • Stay steady at the water’s edge

  • Perform other advance handling

This all means that your dog will be able to quarter through the field between two gunmen, find and flush birds, hup immediately after the shotgun fires at your command, wait for your command to go fetch the bird, and then bring the bird back to your hand.

To further understand how competitions work please click the link below:

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Guided Hunts

We'll put them up, You put them down
(Contact us for Prices)

GoodLife Kennels is available for hire as a guiding service.  We will travel all over the Midwest to meet your needs.  We will go to where you are and hunt on the ground you provide to hunt on legally.  If you want GoodLife Kennels to schedule your hunt we will contact some of our local game preserves.  Contact us to schedule your next event.



Comfortable and Professional

Our beautiful facility is surrounded by 12 acres of nature, just 10 miles north of Lincoln.

Boarding is a popular service we provide.  With a gorgeous scenery, plenty of play areas, excited playmates, and meals of plenty, our kennel is designed to keep your fur-baby comfortable and safe while you are away.  We strive to make your pet feel at home with your pet's well-being as our top priority. 

Have no worries, we offer outstanding care with added benefits:

  • Walks in the tall grass

  • Heated floors inside our kennel area with covered outdoor runs

  • Enclosed day pens

  • We will have our team monitoring the health and happiness of your canine pal


What to Bring?

To guarantee that your pet feels most comfortable while you are away, we encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite toy, bedding, and/or treat.  Our facility offers nightly bed time snacks with a full line of Purina Products.  We will help with any special needs and geriatric pets.



All current vaccinations for your dog, including Bordatella, are required for canines. If you have any questions regarding your pet's current vaccinations, please contact your Veterinarian.


We know you have a busy schedule, so we will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

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